The Coffin Update

Phil Hester, author of The Coffin graphic novel, spoke with Newsarama about his upcoming projects, and had a few interesting things to say about GDT’s film adaption:

Guillermo del Toro has turned in a draft of the screenplay, but that’s all I know, really. Who knows if a film will come of it, but the studio cut Mike and I a big ol’ check, so they must think something is finally going to happen. I’m hopeful, but don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. The money helped me buy a house, and the positive response has helped Mike and I get a few more projects off the ground. That’s more than enough.

The latest news has Guillermo now directing the picture as well. That has Mike and me very excited. GDT really understands what makes a comic book concept cool (see Hellboy, Blade II, etc.) and we feel very safe in his hands.

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