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Parker, Guillermo and Gary

Parker, Guillermo and Gary is the official fansite of Guillermo Del Toro. It was founded in 2004 when GDT fan Parker Lyons emailed Guillermo Del Toro and asked for his endorsement to create a fan site dedicated to his films and his work. Del Toro enthusiastically endorsed the creation of and is an active participant in the community. provides the latest news and rumors around the films and projects of Guillermo Del Toro, as well as production art, blog entries, picture galleries, and news archives.

The visitors of DelToroFilms are influential and loyal fans of sci-fi and fantasy movies, comic books, action heroes, comedies, and graphic arts.

How to contact us

First, please read our FAQ section before emailing us - you may find your answer there. Keep in mind we are a fan site and have no professional affiliation with Guillermo del Toro.  Please do not send your scripts, pitches, artwork or ideas to GDT or

Send your questions, comments and inquiries to our PR Manager, Donna, at  We love to hear from you!



Parker Lyons, Founder (@deltorofilms)

Parker oversees the day-to-day operations of DelToroFilms, including writing content and organizing fan events.




Gary Deocampo, West Coast Editor (@gdeo)

Gary is the co-editor of DelToroFilms. reporting on the latest scoops and rumors out of Los Angeles.  He provides content for the site and manages the DelToroFilms Facebook page.


donnaDonna Kishbaugh, PR Manager

Donna is a key contributor at DelTorofilms. She works on podcasts, organizes meetings/fan events and does general public relations.



GregDelToroGreg Kishbaugh, Contributor

Greg oversees strigoi decapitations and battles runaway kaiju in a Jaeger he built himself from spare parts in his garage. He is the author of the Frankenstein novel BONE WELDER and co-hosts the DelToroFilms podcasts.




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