Can I send you or Guillermo my scripts or movie ideas?

For legal reasons, Guillermo and DelToroFilms cannot accept movie ideas, pitches or unpublished material.  Please do not send them.  Any emails regarding this subject sent to DelToroFilms will be deleted without response.

How do I send a fan message to Guillermo?

Guillermo  loves his fans and wishes he had the time to read everyone’s emails and messages, but let’s face it – he is a busy guy!
Here are the best ways to show your appreciation:
  • Guillermo is active on Twitter! Tweet to him at @RealGDT
  • watch our site for his promotional appearances and meet him in person. Typically, he will be happy to sign autographs and say “hello”!

Can I send you appearance or interview requests?

Please do not send any appearance or interview requests to DelToroFilms – we will not be able to comply. This site is run by fans – we do not have any professional affiliation with Guillermo.

How can I send Guillermo a gift?

At this time, there is no mailing address for shipping gifts to GDT.  Please do not send inquiries to DELTOROFILMS.