GDT: Things You Can’t Tell By Looking At Me

GDT: Things You Can Tell By Looking At Me

I Love Tokyo, London, Madrid, Prague, Mexico city and just travelling in general.

I treasure and collect books. Now and then I even FABRICATE them for my movies in order to HAVE them in my collection.

I live for great food, art, museums, natural history, anatomy, misterious places, exploring haunted buildings and ruins, etc

I collect original comic book art, Victoriana, child literature illustrators.

I am a complete Haunted Mansion freak, Disneyland addict – specially Disney Sea in Tokyo-

I love beauty & Horror- together, of course.

I love the sea and the quiet of the deep.

I am fascinated by all unborn creatures, pickled punks, Fiji mermaids, Freak show acts, deformity, frailty, melodrama, loss and melancholy.