James Cameron Talks Coffin

AICN has posted an interview with director (and GDT pal) James Cameron, who talked a little about The Coffin.

Despite restructuring his company, Cameron says he and GDT still want do get the film made:

What I’ve said is there are only a couple of projects that I will continue to be involved with that we did develop and COFFIN is one of them. The reason for that is because Guillermo del Toro is one of my best friends and we’ve never really worked together. I mean, we always feel like we’re working together because he gets all involved in my stuff, I get all involved with his stuff, but not in an official capacity.

So, COFFIN is definitely not dead and Guillermo says he still wants to make it.

Guillermo says that he wants to make The Coffin in 3D, and with Cameron’s experience in this area, the partnership makes sense.

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