GDT Update on The Coffin

Guillermo stopped by the message board for some questions and shared some great info. Here are a few highlights:

Influences for The Coffin:
“To me, THE COFFIN is the superhero version of CRONOS: Ageing billionaire villain, resurrected man finding that the only thing that matters to him is the simple love of his granddaughter (in Coffin, is his daughter) and facing how useless his life has been without sacrifice.”

On adapting The Coffin:
“-It will be very similar to its comic book incarnation but slimmer and the technology behind it will be a bit more wild-

All modern, though- no gears per se- but some cute lil?buggers that you?ll have to see in order to enjoy. I call them cellbots.”

Stories GDT has the rights to:
“I hold the rights to AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, COFFIN and have a looooooose grip on SPANKY by Christopher Fowler. I wish I could make a Roald Dahl movie or two- a FRANKENSTEIN, a THE MAN WHO LAUGHS by Hugo, MONTECRISTO, LIST OF SEVEN, SWAMP THING, etc.”

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