Del Toro Writing The Coffin?

Comic Book Resources ran a story on comic book scribe Phil Hester and his new release The Atheist. The article makes mention of Hester’s previous work, The Coffin, and GDT writing a treatment for a screenplay.

“The Coffin’s” screen treatment also came up. Hester said he saw Guillermo Del Toro recently, and Del Toro told him that he had turned in a treatment for the screenplay. Del Toro would not be the director, but he would be the screenwriter, while one of his prot?g?s would direct.

“I try not to think about it,” Hester said. “All I know is that they bought us out, I got the check, and I can see from my house where the crane is digging the hole that’s going to be our new house.”

Thanks to Typhon24 for sending this to us. To read the entire article, click here.

GDT stopped by the message board to clarify what is going on with this project:

THE COFFIN is now in the scripting stage. I met with Matt Robbins in Madrid a week ago and we had a very productive session. Now I’m alone again with HB and the gang. I will direct Coffin. No one else. I am planning to produce stuff for first time directors in the future but Coffin is not it. TEQUILA GANG (my company in Mexico) focuses on first / second time directors and I hope to repeat the model someday in American productions.

Thanks, GDT, for following up on this. Can’t wait to hear more!

Also, a short description of The Coffin is available online here.

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