GDT BD-Live Chat Transcript

You can read the transcript from Guillermo’s live chat at in our Message Board. Here are a couple of newsworthy highlights:

Q:Will there be a Lobster Johnson or Abe Sapien movie/miniseries/etc as in the comic books?
A:I would love to a BPRD series happen and we will pitch it to NBC/Universal/sci-fi next year. but still undetermined…

Q:Will there be a Blu-Ray version of El Espinazo del diablo? If so what kind of extras can we expect?
A:yes. javier and i are working on it right now. it is my hope that we can provide with many more extras than what we have soo far..including the old dvd commentaries and perhaps do an exploration of the trasnalation of gothic. Perhaps do a doc on what gothic romance is and how it got translated into the context of the spanish civil war.

Q:Any followups similar to Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth in mind?
A:About a boy named saturn that brings about the end of the world. apocolyptic scene from his apartment. the end of the world, but through the eyes of an eight year old. This was like pan’s labyrinth and devil’s backbone when we finished them

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