The All-New DelToroFilms website

Well, it happened sooner than expected….the brand new DelToroFilms site is here, warts and all.

Let me e’splain…

During my development process, we had a wee bit of a problem with the message board….which left hundreds (thousands?) of DTF fans without the ability to interact. All Hell broke loose, so to speak.

So the DTF 4.0 project went into hyperdrive, and I put this brand new site together in just a few days. So first…

The Good News

This is going to be a great long-term solution for DelToroFilms – it is built on WordPress, which gives us a lot of flexibility in using the content the site generates.  More specific categorization, for example.  But new features will come along as well.  For instance – if you type in in your smart phone, you will see a cool “smart phone ready” web app for easy browsing.  You should better looking articles and interactive media on this site as well.  Plus, the new forum and the website is integrated, so you can leave replies on articles just as easy as leaving replies on the forum. 

The Bad News

Well, I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to salvage the old message board. I’m going to try.  I have a backup from July that still might work – it will be an ongoing process.

This site is going to be buggy for awhile.  Right now there might be some layout issues when using Chrome or Firefox.  If you can point out any issues that you find to me, I will do my best to stabilize the site over the coming months.

Anyway, keep the feedback coming, and feel free to contact me with any quesitons that you have!

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