PACIFIC RIM excites genre fans, pulls $91 million worldwide

You could say that PACIFIC RIM and “genre” fans were “drift compatible” opening weekend.

The term, meaning the “mind meld” compatibility of two Jaeger pilots,  is indicative of a strong bond, and none was stronger than those who attended the weekend premiere of PACIFIC RIM.  PACIFIC RIM earned $91 million on its opening weekend, good for #2 behind DESPICABLE ME 2 in worldwide gross.  Fans took to Twitter and social media to voice their support for PACIFIC RIM, some declaring it the best film of 2013.  Critics also stepped up in their support, giving PACIFIC RIM a 71% rating on

Despite the global success, PACIFIC RIM underperformed in the United States, falling to #3 domestically behind the Adam Sandler comedy GROWN UPS 2, a startling upset for die-hard GDT fans who have let their disappointment known online and are hoping for enough gross earnings to merit a sequel.

One thing is for certain – we have never seen a Guillermo Del Toro film quite like this.

It is the highest domestic gross weekend ever for a GDT film, outpacing a sequel of his own, HELLBOY 2 ($34,500) in 2005 – and deservedly so because everything about the film is HUGE.  It is created to be seen on an IMAX screen in 3D – it is Guillermo’s preferred viewing of the film – and it is the only way to completely represent the massiveness of the Jaeger and kaiju, each nearly 25 stories tall in scale.  The subtle details that Guillermo’s fans love are still there – from a flowering Kaiju tongue to biological specimens in jars – but without a doubt this film pulls his biggest punch (some would say a ROCKET punch).

And with genre film fans, the punch seems to have landed.  A groundswell of support is being stirred up on the likes of Twitter as fans take to the internet to proclaim their love for Guillermo’s latest gift – we will have to wait until next weekend to see if the word-of-mouth has done the trick.

After all, everyone here at wants a sequel – the story of Raleigh and Mako is just getting started!

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