Manning confirms GDT’s interest in Runoff

In an email to, Runoff creater Tom Manning has confirmed that his independent comic is being considered as a feature by Guillermo Del Toro.

“What can I say, this would be a match made in heaven”, says Manning. “Runoff is the sort of series that needs the right team to pull it off and I think this would be it. Guillermo’s uncanny ability to convey a sense of awe, a sense of horror, and a sense of humanity would allow Runoff to translate to the big screen in a confident way. As a series, Runoff is all over the place- it’s a horror story, it’s a comedy, it’s a human drama, it’s a fever dream- sometimes all at once. And it takes a special person to handle such a narrative challenge, and Guillermo is one of those rare people.”

Currently on the Runoff “film team” is Guillermo, producer Lloyd Levin (Hellboy), Nick Nunziata, and Manning himself.

To learn more about the Runoff comic and to purchase the books for your collection, visit the Runoff official website here.

Special thanks to Tom for this info.


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