Is GDT Catching the Runoff?

ComicBookResources is reporting a rumor that GDT is negotiating for the film rights to Tom Manning’s independent comic Runoff. We know there is interest on GDT’s part, since there is a sweet quote from Guillermo in the final book:

Tom Manning has created a world that is as bizarre as it is recognizable. As scary as it is moving. The terse plotting and vivid characters in Runoff collapse the sweet flavor of Americana into a cyanide capsule that is easy to swallow, easy to like, and hard to survive. May we all get poisoned by Tom more often.

So what is it about? Here is Manning’s introduction:

“Basically, the story takes place in the small town of Range, Washington, where a freak highway accident leads authorities to find the mutilated bodies of four hunters and a mysterious corpse with massive teeth. Soon after the bodies are found, people are shocked to find that no one can leave the town due to some unseen force, but people can continue to come in. What unfolds is part mystery, part drama, part comedy, part horror and incorporates a recluse pirate, a undead lunatic, talking animals, ghosts, an amazing old mayor, and a floating object that no one can yet explain.”

The above quote is from an excellent interview with Manning by, so check out the rest for more juicy info on the series.

So keep an eye on this rumor, fans, and we’ll try to follow it as well. And if this has kindled some interest in a great comic, you can go to the Runoff website and buy the books.


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