I Haven’t Seen THE ORPHANAGE – What Is Wrong With Me?

I made a painful admission to some friends on the DTF boards not too long ago – I haven’t seen THE ORPHANAGE.

Their response:


I know – it is sick. And you’ll really think I’m weird after I tell you why…

First of all, I have a legitimate reason why I missed it in theaters. I wanted to take my wife to see it, so we scheduled ahead – two weeks after the U.S. release date. Got a babysitter and everything, then – POOF – it was gone. Just like Kaiser Soce. Can’t imagine why it was out of my local theater so soon. Actually, I can – the word “Foreign Film” is a bad word to theater owners.

So I missed a chance to see it in the theater – but its been out on DVD for a while now, right? So what’s the problem?

Here’s the thing – I’m not obsessive compulsive. Not much anyway. I mean, sometimes I obsess about germs, but just little stuff, like when I exit a bathroom, I grab the most uncommon part of the door handle possible to avoid bathroom germs. That’s not that weird, is it? Some people open a bathroom door using a paper towel – or worse, I’ve seen people flush a toilet with their foot (Gross!! Don’t they know that if you are at a urinal, you are likely to be standing in urine drippage prior to said foot flush??)

Anyway, here is my other obsessive compulsive tendancy – I HAVE TO WATCH MY NETFLIX MOVIES IN THE ORDER THEY ARE ADDED TO MY QUEUE.

Let me explain to those of you who don’t subscribe to Netflix. You select movies you want to watch from their website. Those movies go in a queue in the order that you select them – each new movie you select goes to the end of the queue. Then Netflix mails them according to your queue order.

So when I put THE ORPHANAGE in my Netflix queue, there were other movies in front of it! I have the option of moving THE ORPHANAGE to the top of my queue, but I CAN’T DO IT!! Something holds me back – it is as if shifting my queue order will rain down fire and chaos into my movie watching world. I can’t explain it. But alas, it has greatly delayed my ORPHANAGE viewing – a review will come soon…right after I watch BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: RAZOR, THE MIST, MICHAEL CLAYTON, and FUTURAMA THE MOVIE: BENDER’S BIG SCORE.

I’m sure many of you out there have quirks like this – please share them!

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