GDT Fan Inspired Art by Mack Sztaba

There were a couple of things in my head at the time when I created these pieces. One, I was thinking about the cancelled GDT film At the Mountains of Madness which I sincerely hope goes forward as it would be amazing to see his take on that classic H.P. Lovecraft story, especially the cyclopean architecture and the Old Ones. And two, I was reading The King in Yellow which refers to the mythical place Carcosa (also referred to by Lovecraft in his stories).  Putting the two together was natural and while doing it I thought of how great it would be to see GDT dive in to the world of Carcosa.  Also, in a larger sense I am genuinely inspired by GDT’s work so it is inevitable that a style that he has evoked time and time again filters through in to my work.

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