Chet Zar and The Golden Army

The wonderful Doctor A from the DTF and Hellboy message boards noticed something – that some of the creature designs from Hellboy 2 look like the works of Chet Zar. GDT later confirmed Zar’s participation:
Chet is indeed a key sculptor at SPECTRAL MOTION and he designed the CHAMBERLAIN
entirely. I am the proud owner of a few Chet paintings and I admire him greatly.
Cathedral head was designed by me and modified by Mignola and then sculpted by
Chet- you’ll get the full story in the ART of book!

Here are the designs GDT is referring to – The Chamberlain and Cathedral Head, respectively:

Not really familiar with Chet’s work, and getting such positive reviews from the gentlemen above, I hit the internet to explore and I have been fascinated by Chet’s work. I’m intrigued of how some of his dark works have a goofy, whimsical nature to them. Anyway, here are some recommended links for you to explore on your own, and a couple of works that I thought were pretty cool:

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