A Welcome Message To Fans – from DelToroFilms.com

Welcome, everyone, to the inaugural DELTOROCON!

This little “online festival” is a gift to you.

You, the fans of Guillermo del Toro, PACIFIC RIM and Hellboy – you, the fans of monsters and goblins – you, the fans of epic fantasy storytelling – all of you.  We deeply appreciate your support.

For the next four days, the world and imagination of Guillermo del Toro will open up to you online. Through podcasts, art galleries, interactive events and contests, you will have the opportunity to be part of a virtual convention – connecting with a DelToroFilms.com community that stretches across the globe, from Japan to Mexico.  It all reaches a “Crimson Peak” on Sunday, July 13th, with the premiere of THE STRAIN on FX – an episode directed and co-written by Guillermo.

With DELTOROCON, the internet is your convention floor and there are no geographic boundaries.  All of the content you will see this week is meant to be shared, so take to social media, blogs and email and share what you see with others (and remember to include the #deltorocon hashtag).

This convention is in your neighborhood pub, as well.  It is at your local theater, your favorite restaurant, and your family room.  Meet up with your fellow Del Toro friends and seek out new ones.  Get comfy and watch a Del Toro movie together.  Build relationships and have fun –  that is one thing that I know Del Toro fans are good at.

Enjoy the con!

Parker Lyons

Founder, DelToroFilms.com


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