Update from Ty on Blade: Trinity and more

Friend of the site, TyRuben Ellingson, was good enough to email us some vampire glyphs he made for Blade: Trinity. Here’s what he had to say about them:

Something you might be interested in, that seems to get a lot of attention from Blade fans, are the redesigned vampire glyphs that I did. They have been posted on the fan site, but they were buried pretty deep in a thread, so I’m not sure they were widely seen. David wanted some new glyphs that were suppose to have been created very early in history; more formal versions of what appeared in B1 and B2. I think they came out kind of nice.

Also, Ty had this to share on Sammael and the Hippogriff going head-to-head at the VES awards:

Both Sammael and the Hippogriff were designed by Wayne Barlowe…As I’m sure you know, he designed the Reapers for BLADE 2 (as well as there creepy internal organs), was commissioned by Guillermo to do the first photo real, naturalistic image of Hellboy (that was used to help get the project green lit), and collaborated with del Toro on the entire design of Sammael (he also designed the Ogdru Jahad and redesigned Abe Sapien).

Cool! Thanks, Ty. Fans can visit Ty’s website at alieninsect.com. The Blade: Trinity DVD comes out April 26th. Ty did an interview for the special features, so keep your fingers crossed that our man gets some air time!


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