Pans Labyrinth rocks the UK!

GDT’s wonderful fantasy film Pan’s Labyrinth is getting great reviews all over the UK. Here are a few to read:

Just Added:

“At some point in every talented artist’s career they reach their pinnacle; they create their crowning achievement. With Pan’s Labyrinth Guillermo del Toro has undoubtedly reached his.”
The Epoch Times


“Undeniably the most visually arresting movie of the year, this is the kind of labyrinth you’ll be happy to get lost in.”
Tottenham Journal

“Beautifully photographed by fellow Mexican Guillermo Navarro, Pan’s Labyrinth is a haunting film, full of unforgettable images and characters, a film destined to be an instant classic.”

“A stark, disturbing fairy story for adults. Its provocative vision of the monsters of fascism and childhood packs chilling power.”

“Dark, twisted and beautiful, this entwines fairy-tale fantasy with war-movie horror to startling effect.” (5 stars!)

“This is a major achievement, beautifully acted and produced, and directed with almost unerring certainty. It has been called matter-of-fact surrealism, and I can’t improve on that.”

“Certainly one of del Toro’s most enjoyable pieces, and a brilliant antidote to the swathes of more schmaltzy fairytales this season usually produces. Highly recommended.”

“It is, then, a stunning and powerful film that looks wonderful and leaves you breathless.”

Also, in the interest of fair reporting, here are the mixed reviews:

“It’s less of a labyrinth than a forest path, one that takes you through wonderful scenery but doesn’t lead anywhere.”
The independent

“The film’s political dimension is never quite as lavishly or as enthusiastically achieved as its fantasy life, however, and its energies are asymmetric: the surface world of history is clogged compared to the sheer energy of its subterranean dreamscape.”
Guardian Unlimited

“His fantasy world is fantastic, but his real world isn’t real enough.”

“Since his startling 1993 debut Cronos, del Toro has been an enthusiastic tour guide through fantastic realms. But before his next film, he needs to acquire a more intimate knowledge of the real world.”
New Statesman

Everyone has an opinion. Form your own!! See the film for yourself!

In celebration of the film’s release in the UK, BloodyDisgusting has posted a clip from Pan’s Labyrinth at this link.

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