More Screw-On Head News

Series writer Bryan Fuller talked to SCI FI Wire and said that he is “moving ahead” with the Mignola comic inspired series, The Amazing Screw-On Head. Here is a great quote from Fuller on what we can expect:

“That gives you the opportunity to tell these outlandish stories that are grounded in historical fact. For instance, President Harrison died of pneumonia after 30 days in office. But you discover it wasn’t pneumonia, and it wasn’t fluid in his lungs, but some sort of agent that he was using to get everlasting life because he wanted to be the president of the United States forever. But what it did was turn him into a frog-man, and now he lives at the bottom of the Mississippi, and he’s about to launch an attack on the Capitol. So it’s those kinds of stories. We also tell the real story behind the Homestead Act, what motivated the Homestead Act. So each episode is about taking a piece of history and telling a crazy story that happened behind it.”

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