Konami Hellboy Game Out June 24

HELLBOY: THE SCIENCE OF EVIL is available in stores tomorrow for the Playstation 3, the XBox 360, and the PSP. This brawler-style game has Hellboy investigating a “Nazi plot for world domination”, and utilized Guillermo Del Toro and Mike Mignola as creative consultants. Check out these features:

  • Original storyline set in the Hellboy universe, filled with classic characters from the comic book.
  • Stunning next-gen graphics with dynamic lighting effects bring Hellboy to life like never before.
  • Explosive battle system with contextual grappling commands lets players experience Hellboy’s supernatural might as he unleashes the Right Hand of Doom on his enemies.
  • Use strategy to take down hordes of enemies – toss a straggler into the crowd or manipulate the environment to create more manageable groups of enemies.
  • Play as series favorites Abe Sapein and Liz Sherman in cooperative multiplayer modes
  • Full voice-overs by Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, and Doug Jones, from the feature film

And GDT recently spilled the beans on a “voice actor” guest – he posted this on the Hellboy message boards:

At the Bonus Level you can play as another character other than Abe, HB and Liz. You knew that-

But- can you guess who is voicing that character?

Yup- that’s right-

God willing HBIII will include HIM

Fanboys (and girls) agree – GDT is saying that none other than famed crimefighter “Lobster Johnson” will be in the game, as voiced by…I don’t know….just guessing here…a very EDUCATED guess…but a guess nonetheless….MR. BRUCE CAMPBELL.

Ready to buy the game? It is available for order right here at DelToroFilms.com:

XBox 360
Official Game Guide

Click over to the official Hellboy: The Science of Evil website to learn more about the game itself.


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