Johann revealed…plus trailer out tomorrow!

IGN has revealed Johann for the first time, as well as a picture of the whole BPRD team together. The movie site has also revealed that they will premiere the teaser trailer tomorrow (December 20th). While you wait, check out the new pictures they have posted!

Of note:

  • Johann looks sharp. A departure from the comic book design only in the helmet, really. GDT says the design was inspired by the old bell-diving suits that predated SCUBA.
  • Abe Sapien is missing his goggles and water respirator. I like that look better – you can see Abe’s face and he looks more athletic and not “weighed down”
  • Abe and Liz have new uniforms. They look great. Sexy and sleak. Selma looks fantastic in particular.
  • Hellboy looks awesome, but that goes without saying


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