Int’l directors, Del Toro Variety Article

Nicole Laporte of Variety wrote an interesting article on international film directors, and their desire to work outside of Hollywood. Guillermo Del Toro gets a mention, along with his pal, Alfonso Cuaron. Also note a mention of a Del Toro project via his “Tequila Gang” shingle called Intangible Objects.

Del Toro, who recently moved from Los Angeles to Spain to work on “Pan’s Labyrinth,” is writing “Hellboy 2″ (which he’ll direct) and producing the Spanish-lingo “Insignificant Objects” for his Mexican shingleshingle Tequila Gang.

Del Toro says that working outside the studio system for him is a “duty.”

“You have to value the space and the freedom that comes with a smaller budget, and you have to try to refresh your roots,” del Toro says. “You cannot abandon who you are or where you come from and just start churning out product or movies that eventually will overwhelm your personality, if you’re not careful.”

The director admits that being able to move in and out of Hollywood is “a privilege,” one he’s earned by directing such commercial fare as “Blade 2″”Blade 2″ and “Hellboy.”

To read the entire article, click here.


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