Hellboy 2 or Halo

As many of you have heard by now, GDT is considering directing “Halo” for producer Peter Jackson. Del Toro granted an interview with EmpireOnline and straightened some things out. Yes, he is interested, but no way will this be the end of Hellboy 2:

?Well, Halo is very much an interesting project because it?s so full of monsters,? he said. ?It?s a big temptation. I?m in talks with them [Universal and Bungie Films] and Peter, but it?s not true that it?s on and Hellboy?s off. Hellboy?s on. If everything goes as planned, Hellboy will go.?

GDT also added, “The ideal for me would be to do Hellboy 2 and if Halo doesn?t go away, then yeah, I?d love to do both. But it may go to somebody else. We?ll see.?

Guillermo is an avid gamer and seems to be interested in making the first legitimate “game-to-film” transfer. The script for Halo, he says, “could kick some ass.”

Guillermo has more interesting things to say, so follow the link posted above. A very good read on a hot topic.

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