GDT Update on Halo and more

GDT stopped by the message board to give some updates, and hinted that Halo may not be on his agenda. Read some of the highlights below:

-I don?t think I will do HALO. I will pursue a slightly smaller, more personal project- this is a flaw of mine and one that keeps me from doing larger projects- I?ll have to have it looked at by a doctor one day-

The Coffin
(Q- Similar to Dante’s Inferno, wouldn’t you agree?)
-Yes, I would, in the sense of both of them being ?revelation? trips with a supernatural guide. The landscapes in the movie, though won?t be much like those in the comic. I think that if we are not careful we may end up ?Spawn-ifying? the aftermath too much…The COFFIN adaptation follows the comic quite closely but it takes a very CRONOS approach to the story: a man that experiences real family love only after he dies.

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