Empire Mag Pan’s Labyrinth Poster

Hey hey! I got the poster that Empire Magazine posted for Pan’s Labyrinth! Sorry, its kind of small – but here’s GDT’s comment on it:

It?s always a pleasure for The Insider to chat with our old friend Guillermo del Toro, especially when he?s sounding off about a new project. And Pan?s Labyrinth ? his next film, due out next spring before he embarks upon Hellboy 2 ? sounds like one heck of a new project. It?s a Spanish-language movie, produced by Alfonso Cuar?n and similar in tone to del Toro?s The Devil?s Backbone, as it tells the story of a young girl who enters a dark and dangerous fantasy world in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. And Pan?s evocative teaser artwork sums it up ? highly imaginative and teeming with hidden meaning. ?The shape of the tree is very much like a womb with a view!? laughs del Toro. ?But it?s also like Pan, with the horns. One of my favourite movies is Neil Jordan?s The Company of Wolves. I think there?s a lot of richness when you approach a fairy tale from an adult point-of-view, and I don?t mean money shots! Ultimately, fairy tales are very dark places to go and full of visceral, erotic imagery.?

Thanks, Helen!


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