Doug Jones Pan Interview!

Way to go David Server & for scoring this great interview with Doug Jones on his role as Pan in GDT’s Pan’s Labyrinth! I picked out some highlights for you guys, but I recommend checking out the entire article here.

And now, the good stuff:

On Hellboy:
I guess what Hellboy did is that it was the one role that made people want to find out more about me, so they would dig back and find out more about my history, and see ?oh, he was in that, and that, and that?.oh, I saw those, I liked him in that!? So, it?s like I?ve had fans but they didn?t know they were fans *until* Hellboy?

On his role in Pan:
I will say that the lead character in the movie is a 12 year old girl, and basically as an audience you?ll be following her journey through a little?well, I?ll call it a dance. She?s doing a dance between the real world and the fantasy world, and I am playing the role of Pan, who is the satyr that guides her along her dance to get her back to the fantasy world. I?m the one who brings her the information and the how-to, and the guidance and the reprimands and all that along the way.

On the script:
It?s funny, because when I closed the last page of the script, my eyes welled up a little bit. The way this story came together was just beautiful. It?s a well-crafted mix of fantasy and horror, put together in something that the whole family could palette, I think. I just think it?s great.

That’s just a small taste. Go check out the rest of the interview for yourself. This is a 2 part interview, so expect more from Development-Hell later!

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