A NYCC Super Weekend!

This was a big weekend for GDT fans – lots of fresh info finding its way onto the internet today. For those lucky enough to attend the New York Comic Con on April 19th, you know all about it – GDT, Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Luke Goss and Doug Jones attended a Hellboy 2 Panel and entertained and informed the fans. Here is the full DTF report for you:

Hellboy 2

  • The Sizzle Reel – Fans got to watch a three minute trailer prepared especially for the NYCC. GDT reports on the Hellboy 2 message boards that the “VFX were incomplete” and will not be shown anywhere else.
  • Also heard for the first time was Johann’s voice, which will not be provided by Tomas Kretschmann, but Seth McFarlane – yes, the creator of Family Guy! Here is what GDT said about it on the Hellboy 2 message board:
    Seth also speaks fluent German- he studied in Cologne and -if you heard him voice Stewie and Brian- has a wonderfully educated voice. The problem with tha casting of Thomas was that his voice -through no fault of his own- was in the EXACT range as the gas / mechanical sound FX of Johann and came out monotone no matter what performance and direction we tried. Seth is my decision. 100% as I find his versatility amazing. He brings life and excitment to the character. He’s not doing Peter- this guy is one of the most talented and versatile voice actor I’ve ever met and his Johann made a massive difference in my heart. I thank heavens for his availability and showmasnhip. If we could only be judged by what we’ve done no one would wonder out of his/her range and expand.

  • The Drew Struzan Hellboy 2 poster was released at the Comic Con, and will not be available anywhere except for the invitation-only fan premiere in July. The poster can be viewed below this article.
  • GDT says that half of the troll market creatures were at the NYCC for pictures and a meet-and-greet. Hopefully some pictures will pop up on the net soon.
  • Some cool new updates were added to the Hellboy 2 viral website, http://www.hetfet.org. Hetfet, as we now know, stands for Humans for the Ethical Treatment of Fairies, Elves, and Trolls.
  • Also showing up on the net is this site: http://www.thesecretdevice.com.
  • GDT also mentioned to SuperHeroHype, that should HELLBOY 3 happen, it would be about the end of the world.

The Hobbit

  • Things are looking good for GDT’s commitment to THE HOBBIT. He said at the panel that he would know in four or five days if he will direct, and it is a matter of working out certain legal issues. He also left this nice little riddle for the fans on the Hellboy 2 message board:
    A thing it is, It almost is-

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