A GDT Update

Guillermo posted on our message board this weekend. Click here to read. Otherwise, here are the highlights:

“Script is being rewritten for New Line and it looks very promising.”

Count of Monte Cristo
“We (Zoetrope and I) hope to get this one going in the near future. We have a strong script, great casting choices and a good chunk of financing ready.”

Pan’s Labyrinth
“It has been a VERY difficult prep but I am seeing some great creature stuff -we invented a new ?leg system? for Pan that – to my knowledge- has never been tried before. The cast is now complete: Sergi Lopes (WITH A FRIEND LIKE HARRY), Maribel Verd? (Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN), Doug Jones (You know him) Alex Angulo (DAY OF THE BEAST), Ariadna Gil (Belle Epoque) and Ivana Baquero (ROMASANTA).”

Thanks GDT!

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