With Pacific Rim at $224 million worldwide, how much for a sequel?

With Pacific Rim at a $224 million worldwide box office haul, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com, one question is on the minds of Del Toro Fans – how much is needed for a sequel?

All eyes now turn towards China, who many believe hold the fate of the Pacific Rim franchise – a monster weekend could very well mean that GDT fans will get to see a Pacific Rim 2.  Todd Cunningham at The Wrap has an interesting article about China’s influence on the film’s future, saying that $50 million opening in China and a strong turn in Japan and Brazil could lift Pacific Rim to $300 million worldwide.  Cunningham quotes BoxOffice.com editor-in-chief Phil Contrino as saying that would be enough to at least open a “discussion”.

Pacific Rim certainly has several factors in its favor – China has limited the releases in its country, giving Pacific Rim less competition, and also has the benefit of Crimson Typhoon – a Chinese Jaeger to stir patriotic interest.  Also, China has a history of supporting giant robots – with Transformers: Dark of the Moon being one of the country’s all-time box office hits at $145 million.

Pacific Rim’s opens this weekend in China – check back here or follow us on Twitterat @deltorofilms  for the latest updates.

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