Will THE STRAIN Make It To TV?

VARIETY reports that Grady Twin Prods is working with Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan on an adaptation THE STRAIN for television.

Guillermo tells DelToroFilms that he did in fact meet with Grady Twin Prods, but will not shoot a series or seek a network until the books are published.

“I am currently NOT meeting with any cable or network about a STRAIN series at all. Period. And I am not looking for any traction either,” says Guillermo. “I admire the ‘Grady Twins’ and their work and would love to work with them but I am just thinking of THE STRAIN as books for now.”

As you may know, THE STRAIN was originally conceived as a television series by Guillermo, but after a deal with FOX fell through, GDT decided to try to making his idea into a horror novel.

Grady Twin Prods was formed by Marti Nixon (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER) and Dawn Parouse Olmstead (PRISON BREAK).

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