Exclusive Wayne Barlowe Concept Art Gallery

Wayne Barlowe’s collaboration with Guillermo del Toro goes back to 2002 when he worked as a concept artist for BLADE 2. Since then, his work has been a part of HELLBOY, HELLBOY 2 and PACIFIC RIM.

His artwork is nothing short of stunning – I highly recommend you make a trip over to his website and view his artwork.  I particularly enjoy his work in HELL.

But before you do that, enjoy some of his creations from the Guillermo del Toro universe

According to a great article in the New Yorker, (Show the Monster by Daniel Zalewski), Mr. Barlowe took a stab at drawing up the legendary Cthulhu for Guillermo’s stalled AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS feature.  Here is an excerpt if you were ever wondering how it might (or may) look someday on the big screen:

[Barlowe] had been sketching Cthulhu in a surprisingly soft hand. In his rendition, many appendages emanated from a central vertical column; it had the majesty of a redwood tree. When del Toro looked at it, he said, “I love the idea of the floating things!” Cthulhu was surrounded by satellite parasites, just as some sharks are haloed by schools of fish. Barlowe said that he was going for a “regal look,” and pointed at the creature’s neck. “It’s like an Elizabethan collar!” del Toro said, smiling. “Great.”

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