Two favorite characters expected in Claw

In his blog, Tad Stones had more to report on the plot of The Phantom Claw, the third Hellboy animated film. Although the project still hasn’t gotten the green light, the script is being completed. Tad says that the new film would feature three elements: Lobster Johnson, Hellboy’s origin, and classic Universal monster movies. Here is more of what he had to say:

Abe and Liz are not along on this adventure. Professor Broom only sends Hellboy and Kate Corrigan to investigate the castle where Hellboy was summoned to Earth. No one has been back there since the War, kept out by a secret society working behind the scenes. (Yes, the animated version has a different origin locale than the feature which is different from the comic). Lobster Johnson will appear in various forms but the movie is not about him. The closest comic to his role is Conqueror Worm and a variation of the scene that you see [attached] will be in the movie. There will be glimpses of Ilsa, Leopold and Kronen in the flashbacks to Hellboy’s origin but they’ll be closest to their comic counterparts. Rasputin is the major villain although we’ll introduce another who Mike is so excited about that he’s threatened to design the guy himself.


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