TROLLHUNTERS: Now Streaming on Netflix!

Guillermo’s latest creation is now streaming on Netflix: TROLLHUNTERS.

Based on the young adult novel that Guillermo wrote with Daniel Kraus, this animated series from Dreamworks is drawing great reviews from critics as “must-watch” family entertainment for GDT fans.

TROLLHUNTERS started out as an animated feature at Dreamworks, and eventually migrated to the small screen as del Toro sought to experiment with different narrative forms.

“Six years ago, I gave myself one goal,” the director told a table of reporters earlier this year at New York Comic Con, as reported in the Observer. “I said to myself, ‘You’re going to write a TV series, you’re going to write a novel, you’re going to do a video game, and you’re going to do animation, so you can learn everything about every form of narrative.’ Just to discipline myself.”

From that experiment comes TROLLHUNTERS, which made its debut on Netflix on December 23, 2016, as a 26 episode series that features the showrunner talents of Marc Guggenheim (Arrow) and the voices of Ron Perlman (of course), Kelsey Grammar, and the late Anton Yelchin.

TROLLHUNTERS, for del Toro, is meant to be great adventure for families. As he told the Observer, “I made this series because I wanted to have an un-ironic, humanistic, beautiful series to watch on a family morning. Very much how [del Toro-produced] Book of Life was for me, which is a lovely movie full of life. [Trollhunters] is that, as a series.”

Watch the series now, and check out this great behind-the-scenes featurette:


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