The Rock Talks Doom on Daily Show

The Rock visited with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, and mentioned his upcoming project Doom, which our pal Doug Jones worked on:

The Rock tells John that he just finished taping the movie Doom and it is now entering post production. He actually plays the main title character in the film. The flick is funny, but it is rated R, as it is unapologetic, like the game. He loves blowing stuff up. He recalls the actor who said he doesn?t like to use guns or blow things up, but Rock says he?s not like that. He loves using powerful weapons (well, he didn?t say that when he was promoting Walking Tall, but no one saw that so I guess it?s off the radar). He gets to use a bio force gun in the movie and the letters ?BFG? is actually written on the big friggin? gun. So he had a great time doing that movie.

For full transcript, click here.

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