The Hobbit project still not official

A lot of rumors have been flying around about GDT’s next project, but as he has said himself many times – “I’m still unemployed.” has sorted through many a rumor, and really what you have to do is when GDT’s name becomes attached to a project, you just make a note of it and put it on the backburner. As a friend of mine said, Hollywood is fickle, and projects can change.

But the news coming in on THE HOBBIT is very good. Although we’ve not heard any direct quotes from GDT himself, second hand sources have said that the deal is close, and GDT has a great deal of interest. This is the most buzz we’ve heard on any project since GDT started making Hellboy 2, so consider it the opinion of DelToroFilms that THE HOBBIT is the undeniable front runner for GDT’s next project – a back to back movie deal, 150 million per picture, and a dream job for any fantasy film maker. If the deal goes through, expect an official announcement after the writer’s strike ends.

UPDATE (1-FEB-2008)
From an email from GDT:

The Hobbit is not a certainty yet. We are in advanced talks but nothing
100% sure. I feel privileged to be approached but we all know -from
the lists of announcements in the trades- that we must wait until a
movie is green lit to make it a reality. Remember, the morning that
HELLBOY II was greenlit, I was finishing talks to do the WOLF MAN at
the same studio and one cancelled the other… That’s how crazy it can



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