Tad updates animated Hellboy diary

Our buddy Tad Stones made an update to his production diary for the Hellboy animated projects. He tells about working on the stories for the two DVD movies, as well as a quick blurb about a possible animated series:

We’ve worked out three movie stories, the second of which we shelved because it was another version of Hellboy’s origin which the live action movie covered quite well. We wanted to add to the Hellboy universe not just reinterpret it (although we do a little of that too). In addition, I wrote two half hour scripts with Mike’s notes and we started working out several stories for a potential half hour series which we hope to make somewhere down the road.

Sounds like it is going great. Mike and Tad have outlined a story, with the first story focusing more on Hellboy and folklore with Liz and Abe making a “juicy” appearance.

Tad also mentions that he tapped a writer for the script – Matt Wayne, an editor from Justice League Unlimited. GDT was one of the lucky ones to view the second draft, sounds like.

Thanks for the great blog, Tad!

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