Stephen King Plugs Desperation

From Stephen King’s message board, words from the author himself on the upcoming ABC miniseries Desperation:

?I ordinarily don?t comment far in advance on films based on my work, especially TV films, but in the case of Desperation I am going to make an exception because my old partner in crime, Mick Garris, has produced an extraordinary piece of work, and the ensemble cast is outstanding. Ron Perlman as Collie Entragian will haunt your dreams. You might want to consider making time in May (tentative) for this one, which is when ABC plans to run it.

One word of warning: this is TV and it’s impossible to tell in advance how much of a given piece of work will be cut. The version of Desperation I saw was graphic and very frightening. This may make the network uneasy.”

Thanks to Valaria on the Hellboards for pointing this out.

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