SPLICE Premieres in LA!

Once again our pal Gary was able to score a trip to the SPLICE premiere in Los Angeles. His hook: “This film will make you feel uncomfortable…heeby jeeby uncomfortable.” Read his full review on his Dark Recess blog!

Some other tidbits:
I found pictures from the premiere at the Central Wisconsin Hub website

SPLICE is getting 61% on the Tomato Meter at Rotten Tomatoes right now.

Some notable quotables from Critics:
“The film, much of which takes place in laboratories or at the couple’s isolated farmhouse, doesn’t deliver “the usual.” I was fine with that — grateful, in fact. A little queasy in the stomach, but grateful.”
Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“The script blends human psychology with scientific speculation and has genuine interest until it goes on autopilot with one of the chase scenes Hollywood now permits few films to end without.”
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“Director Vincenzo Natali, working with producer Guillermo del Toro, achieves a second-rate — Canadian — tone that recalls Gothika and David Cronenberg

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