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PacificRim_onesheetIt was the best thing to happen in 2013. The best damn movie on the planet. Phenomenal, mind-blowing, and it brought a world together.

Today is the one year anniversary of Pacific Rim’s theatrical release.

It’s also been a full year of watching a fandom fall instantly in love with Guillermo del Toro’s apocalyptic world. People all over the world are coming together to celebrate their love for Pacific Rim, usually through currently existing conventions.

But some fans have taken things into their own hands.

If you missed JaegerCon or Shatterdome Atlanta fear not!

There’s one more this year and one being planned for 2015.



SHATTERDOME CON (DC) takes place November 7-9 2014 in Herndon, VA.  @shatterdomecon

SHATTERDOME CON U.K. will take place in 2015.


One of the coolest parts about these two is that like the movie, Shatterdome Con (DC) and Shatterdome U.K. are working together (it’s like there’s this Pacific Rim theme going on) to bring the fans the best possible con experience they can. Each convention will be unique but the expertise and talents of these dedicated fans turned committee members will be working at both venues.

So what is Shatterdome Con? It is a three-day Pacific Rim convention . It is where you go to get your Jaeger-gasm on! It’s where you’ll attend a PPDC military “dining out” and catch the last moments of a Jaeger Academy graduation ceremony. Complete with cadets, Stacker, and our guests of honor.

You’ll have an opportunity to hear Robert Maillet (That is S. Kaidanovsky. See notes at end) speak. You will also get a chance to get an autograph and/or a photo with him. There are costume contests, panels to attend and participate in, vendors, artists, and writers all eager to meet you as you are to meet them. Gaming and partying on Saturday night in Kowloon Bay. Sunday you’ll have an opportunity to visit with guests and wrap up what you couldn’t get to on Saturday as well as sign up for High Tea.

But…but…my (spouse, kids, friend, neighbor, co-worker, grocer…) doesn’t like Pacific Rim!!!

First, we extend our condolences. Because this is truly a terrible burden you must bear.

Second, we have tried to come up with a solution for you, we mean, them, of course.

Other fandoms are welcome! All ages as well. Other celebrity guests include Tim Russ (Tuvok from Star Trek Voyager) as well as Star Wars actors (Daniel Logan – young Boba Fett, John Morton – Dak & Boba Fett).  In addition there are more guests being announced all the time. Most importantly, more Pacific Rim guests!

And if seeing celebrities is not your thing then please step over to the science panels. Or the indie filmmaking where you can learn about special f/x makeup, CG, funding, and more. Or podcasting, publishing your own book. Writing. Costuming or cosplaying. Maybe even a little testing for drift compatibility with our speed dating.

So whether you want to rock it out with our live band Friday night, or your kids want to learn to become S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, you can rest assured knowing that there are plenty of Pacific Rim activities tailored for every fans taste. Midnight call/response viewing of Pacific Rim? To the right.  Drinking game version for 21 and up to the left. And yes, we will be talking through this version. Because we all know the words.

There is so much more but if we list it all here then there’s no surprise! All you need to know is that if there was a place you want to be to celebrate Pacific Rim it is here.  Because all we want to know is…


End Note: Robert Maillet is credited as S. Kaidanovsky on IMDB and his personal credits. Sasha is traditionally known as a masculine form of Aleksander in all of Russia/Europe/world except USA where gender neutral.

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