Scott Allie on Revelations

Hellboy editor Scott Allie stopped by the CBR Forums and posted the following:

I’m editing Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos’s book Revelations, and I have not felt so strongly about a brand new book in a long time (besides Devil’s Footprints, of course …). Humberto’s art is amazing. The story is something I think you’ll be talking about OT on this board from August through January. An occult mystery of the very best kind. A slow burn, with lots of spectacle along the way.

Dave Marshall, one of my assistants, posted a call for letters here – offering a black and white preview copy if you write to him with your address and then write me a letter of comment. The book is nothing like Hellboy, but I believe that serious Hellboy fans will love it. Fantastic art, a smart story, mythic overtones. It’s an adult comic, with lots of profanity, some serious violence, a little nudity, and moral issues that … well, I was reading this sort of stuff when I was ten, but I hear some parents object to this sort of thing.

I haven’t thrown a lot of recommendations this way because I don’t wanna steer anyone wrong, but this is a book I don’t hesitate to push on this crowd.


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