Rumors on GDT’s Video Game Hit the ‘Net

Some interesting rumors have hit the internet around Guillermo’s new video game project with THQ and Volition.

The website has several insider reports, citing anonymous sources:

  1. GDT is making plans for a trilogy of RPG games
  2. The trilogy will be something “along the lines of Mass Effect.”
  3. The games will center on inter-dimensional travel with the player investigating open dimensional portals.

Again, these are rumors from anonymous sources, so hang tight until the official word at the Video Game Awards (still can’t find a date for this – anybody know?)

The inter-dimensional travel part is definitely in line with GDT’s description of the game as being “Lovecraftian.”  (We got our first look at a Lovecraftian inter-dimensional monster in HELLBOY – see picture to the left.)

I admit I am not a HUGE gamer - not any where near what I would like to be.  I would like to hear from some people who have played MASS EFFECT. Please share your take on the game below in the comments.  What do you like about it? What makes it unique?

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