Ron Perlman Interview posted an interview with Ron Perlman this week, written by our friend Swarez. Swarez got a chance to interview Ron in Iceland while Perlman is shooting The Last Winter. Below are some excerpts of note:

“My friendship with Guillermo started way before we did Cronos together. I met him in LA and we had dinner together and at the end of the night we had connected in a way that felt like I had known him for years. Even if we hadn?t ended up working together we would have remained friends. He sees how he can use me in films and is always looking for ways to use my weird humanity in his work.”

On Hellboy 2
“Yes. Guillermo just finished the script and has handed it in to the studios. Now we have to wait for their response. He?s shooting a film in Spain as we speak and as soon as he finishes that he?ll got straight into preproduction of Hellboy 2. We should be shooting this time next year.”

Click here to read the full interview.

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