You can now pre-order THE NIGHT ETERNAL, the final chapter in THE STRAIN series on Amazon!  Also, check out the nice review from horror master Stephen King – it left our friend Guillermo feeling “thin and happy.”  Here is a quote:

The action is non-stop, and the fantasy element is anchored in enough satisfying detail to make it believable. All the New York landmarks, such as Central Park’s Belvedere Castle and The Cloisters, are real. And while you’re discovering such essential vampire facts as the undead’s inability to cross running water without human help, you’ll also find out that the stone lions outside the New York Public Library have names: Patience and Fortitude. Plus, come on, admit it—there’s something about seeing vampires massing for an attack in a Wendy’s parking lot that makes them more real. The devil’s in the details, and this is one devilishly good read full of satisfying scares.

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