Peter Hyams directs 2nd Threshold Ep.

From SciFi Wire:

Feature-film director Peter Hyams (A Sound of Thunder) makes a rare venture into television by directing the second hour of the two-hour premiere episode of CBS’ upcoming SF series Threshold, co-creator and executive producer David S. Goyer told SCI FI Wire. Goyer, a feature writer and director himself (Batman Begins, Blade: Trinity), said in an interview that he helmed the episode’s first hour and planned to direct the second as well when he received the green light for his next movie, The Invisible.

“I had to immediately start preproduction on that, so I had to find a replacement really fast,” Goyer said during a break in shooting on Threshold at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles on Aug. 26. “And one of the things that we liked was that people had seen the first hour and thought it had more of a cinematic quality, so we thought we have to find a feature director to do the second hour. Who’s available? I find out Peter Hyams was available, so I just called him and said, ‘Can you help us out?’ He said OK.”

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