Pan’s Labyrinth Update

Got a Pan’s Labyrinth update for you from Las Horas Perdidas! I did my best translation here for us English speaking folk:

Before rolling on the sequel to Hellboy, Del Toro will return to Spain to film, Pan’s Labyrinth, a “quite strange fairy tale” according to words
of the producer, that takes place in 1944, in the heat of Spanish postwar period…This film will begin to shoot at the end of spring. With complete certainty Sergi Lopez will be the protagonist and according to advanced news, Maribel Verd? will be the other protagonist of the film.

Guillermo Del Toro has been interested in Madrilenians after seeing Y Tu Mama Tambien, without a doubt one of its better interpretations, and in the next days they will close the negotiations. The last cinematographic work that Verd? made in Spain was Storm Time, filmed in 2002, although the last time we saw Maribel was presenting/displaying the Goyas.

The certain thing is that Alfonso Cuar?n, co-producer next to Del Toro on the film, directed Maribel Verd? in and Tu Mama. It is possible that that has influenced in the decision.

Also, we got a little info on Mountains, here.

Among other future projects is In Mountains
of Madness
, an adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft novel about the tragic and terrifying expedition of a geologist on the Antarctic continent.

This film is still in the air despite the tremendous interest of Guillermo Del Toro to adapt it. The conditions that have been requested by Hollywood require some changes (introducing a
romantic subplot), something to which Del Toro does not have interest in yielding, according Del Toro’s words during the presentation of the Hellboy DVD at FNAC at the beginning of February.

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