Pan’s Labyrinth Music Box Coming Soon

Picturehouse has announced their first officially licensed Pan’s Labyrinth Collectible, “The Pan’s Labyrinth Music Box.” This item features the first 15 seconds of Javier Navarrete’s lullaby “Long, Long Time Ago”, which repeats on an 18-note mechanism. The box measures 8.75 x 6.5 x 2.75 inches. It is velvet lined and features a photo of Ofelia and the Pale Man. It has storage area for jewelry and other keepsakes.

The music box is an exact replica of the custom-designed box given by Picturehouse to GDT as a gift near the end of the theatrical release. The box will be have a limited edition run of no more than 2000 pieces. The prototype will be signed by GDT and auctioned for charity on eBay later this fall.

The limited edition run is expect to start at the beginning of November.


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