New Hellboy II Trailer Debuts at ShoWest

The new HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY trailer is out, but you had to be at the ShoWest convention this week to see it. Edward Douglas at saw the trailer and gives this description:


The new trailer opens at the Blackwoods auction house where they’re putting the Royal Crown of Bethmoora up for auction when Luke Goss’ Prince Nuada shows up to reclaim it, and his henchman Mr. Wink crashes through a door with what looks like his metal fist dangling from a chain. It then cuts to the BPRD headquarters to reintroduce the concept of the BPRD being called upon to deal with supernatural occurrences, and Hellboy, Liz and Abe Sapien show up at the location which is completely trashed and empty, and Hellboy says something to Liz, like “There’s no one here, babe” and she retorts “Don’t call me babe!” which he responds, “I didn’t call you babe, I said ‘Hey!’” Hellboy makes a comment about it not looking good when thousands of Thooth Fairies, tiny winged creatures with sharp teeth fly out from the shadows of the walls attacking them. The rest of the trailer is very quick and goes by very fast, but we finally see Princess Nuala and get glimpses of a lot of the creatures of the Troll Market including Cathedral Head, and after we see one of the more hideous creature, it cuts to Hellboy yelling “I see you” and we see that the creature is disguised as an old bag lady (presumably this is the creature referred to as “Bag Lady” in the production office). We see more of Hellboy fighting against the Golden Army, the giant mechanical beetles that Prince Nuada brings to life, and more of his fight with Mr. Wink with the two of them smashing their stone fists together and Wink’s fist crumbling as he looks at the results and whines. The final scene is the street scene with the giant Elemental but this time Hellboy yells at the creature, “Now you’ve done it. You woke the baby!” and pulls out his Big Baby gun.

ShoWest is the annual Motion Picture Industry Convention. It was held this year from March 10-13 in Las Vegas.

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