New Hellboy II Creature Designs

The official Hellboy II Production Site has posted a new online video of a behind-the-scenes creature design meeting. Included in the video are some concept drawings and sculptures that I have posted screenshots of below.

GDT had some interesting things to say in the video. Most notably, that he wanted to get away from typical fantasy creature designs, and he wants to encourage things that are new and different.

“I think most of the time you have idea of what a troll is, what an ogre looks like, or what a goblin looks like or all that kind of stuff. What I want to do is avoid that at all costs,” he says.

Also, GDT will be utilizing some of the technology that was used for the Pale Man from PAN’S LABYRINTH – specifically the use of blue screen to remove parts of the actor’s anatomy (the legs of the Pale Man).

Finally, he says that he has high hopes for the creature designs of the film, saying, “I really think this movie could make a difference on the way creatures are designed.”


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