More Details on Hellboy Game

IGN has another interview with Guillermo on his involvement with the Hellboy game from Konami. In this excerpt, GDT talks a little bit about the gameplay:

“[It has] several environments where, essentially, you are seeing the past and the present, and they are juxtaposed,” explains del Toro of the game. “You can go from one environment, like the Gobi desert, to a haunted town in medieval Japan. And then you can go and play in the ruins of a castle that is full of Nazi doomsday machines. And then you can go and wander through the empty streets of a haunted Eastern European village. And each of those levels has a common threat enemy, and a great vibe to the gameplay….The essential weapon of Hellboy, and this I love, is not only his glove, which like in the movie can be charged with power, but he can use everything available, if he destroys a door, he can grab a piece of that door and start beating the crap out of someone! Or if he destroys a stone archway, he can pick up a stone and throw it. It’s very much the Hellboy fighting technique, which is, ‘Let’s hit them with whatever we have on hand!’ And the monsters are very, very inspired by Mignola’s art. I have offered to and I will work on the soundscape of the game very intensely. I think it’s looking very promising. We played a few demo minutes the other day and we had fun.”

To read more, click the link above. Also, the article mentions briefly GDT’s planned zombie game, Sundown.

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