Mignola Talks Hellboy 2

In a ComicsContinuum report from the Canadian Fan Expo in Toronto, Mike Mignola talked about Hellboy 2 in a panel for fans. Here is an excerpt:

Mignola said Hellboy 2′s story, developed by him and returning director Guillermo del Toro, echoes some of the things he’ll be doing in the Hellboy comics. It involves folklore characters who decide they don’t want to go away.

“It’s some of those characters saying, ‘We’re not going to go. Let’s reclaim this world. It was ours once,’” Mignola said.

Mignola said he recently saw del Toro’s new movie, Pan’s Labyrnith. “It’s twice as good as anything he’s ever done,” Mignola said. “After seeing that, I’m really jazzed to see him do Hellboy 2.”

Ron Perlman will return as Hellboy; also back are Selma Blair as Liz Sherman and Doug Jones as Abe Sapien. Production is expected to being in March.

Mignola said that the current screenplay he read by del Toro includes a gag that drops a hint for a third Hellboy film.

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